Solo show at WTC art gallery in The Hague


....'And may this event be a starting point of all our future plans. Also big thanks to Axel Lemmens, a gallery manager of WTC gallery for the beautiful space and help in organising this event. 

I would like to say that last few years were quite difficult. Everything was closed, one was isolated from another. But I was still keep on producing my art works and moving forward. I went on a few art fairs, participated in group exhibitions outside and in the Netherlands. 

My art is a chronicle of my experiences, thoughts and ideas, that I create day by day. I make non figurative art, and my art doesn’t tell a story until the end. 

The goal of a viewer, your goal is — to have an ability to read this hidden signs in my works without the words, to hear the sounds without the noice, to see unnamed feelings. 

Let’s celebrate art tonight! 





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